Hoco PH5 Eagle Eyes Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black

Perfect for traveling, watching shows and long distance photo taking. 15x magnification hd macro lens. 120 degree wide angle. Perfect for hobbyists and photography pros alike.
Hoco PH6 Owl Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black

Hoco PH6 Owl Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black

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  • Advanced imported coatedoptical lens
  • Take your long legs, thin face.
  • Wide-angle and macro lens can be easy changed.
  • Super so lightweight which is so portable to be taken.
  • High light transmission,4K HD picture quality.


  • Brand:Hoco
  • Model:PH5
  • Color:black
  • Wide angle lens:can take 120 degree 0.36x-0.63 magnification
  • Macro lens: 15x magnification
  • Material: ABS+ Aluminum Alloy + coated optical glass
  • Size:2.3*3.2cm
  • Package included:
    1X Mobile Phone Len Universal Clip PH5 Hoco Portable Mobile Phone Wide-Angle 15x Magnification Macro Lens External Smartphone Lens
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