Hoco PH6 Owl Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black


Wide-angle lens: 2 slices of 2 groups, can be 110 °.
Macro lens: 1 slice of 1 group, magnified 10 times.
Advanced multilayer coated optical lens.

Hoco PH5 Eagle Eyes Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black

Hoco PH5 Eagle Eyes Wide-Angle Macro Lens - Black

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Hoco PH6 : 

       110 degree wide-angle lens and 10x macro lens give you an array of shooting options to help you enhance your mobile photography.

  • Made of high quality ABS + aluminum alloy + multi-layer coating optical glass

  • 110-Degree wide angle lens can increase the shooting area and enhance the perspective illustration, emphasizing the object in the front and exaggerated sense of distance

  • 10x macro lens is used for shooting tiny objects such as flowers and insects. It lets you easily capture the images in magical microscopic world

  • Universal clip, clip-on design for easy use

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